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Our Story Begins

This story begins where every good adventure should: in a tavern. Four unique characters ordered rooms in a Tavern called the Rusty Bucket in a City named Mopak.

The tavern was running short on rooms for the night, so each adventurer had to share a room with a stranger.

The rooms were divided like so:

Francis Lombardo the Shade Assassin was roomed with the Wilden Ranger and renowned cart builder, Cartwright.

Igloo Melts, a recently orphaned human traveling from the far north, was paired with a feisty Minotaur named Thumn’drek Gyl.

Each of these characters had a troubling past.

Cartwright’s home village was destroyed in a massive massacre, and he was the only survivor. While walking through the wreckage of his beloved hometown, Cartwright found a strange amulet in the worst part of the destruction. He swore to find out the meaning of the Amulet and seek revenge on those responsible for setting his family, hopes, and dreams ablaze in a terrifying magical explosion. He made his way to find more information on the amulet in the Arcane University housed in Mopak.

Igloo melts was living the ideal life of a northern man. He had loving parents, plenty of walruses to eat, and the most intricate and comfortable igloo where he could tinker on fascinating little inventions. He never saw the destruction coming until it was too late. The walrus army took his whole family by surprise and destroyed everything he loved, while bleating loudly about revenge. Igloo set south in his homemade boat, simply wandering and lost. He often thinks about how his entire life, everything he loves disappears.

Thumn’drek Gyl has always been lonely. Abandoned as a child, he taught himself how to survive. He cannot remember his parents, or ever seeing another Minotaur. He travels from place to place trying to find out why he is the only one of his kind, hoping to one day find another Minotaur.

Francis Lombardo’s past is another that lies in flames. As a boy, Francis was in line to marry one of the most beautiful and wealthy girls in his city. Soon after the engagement, his family was killed by demons. The demons took him captive, and taught him the ways of the Assassin. He travels around now, seeking out his own whims (normally chaos, debauchery, and ne’erdowelling).

Now, back to the tavern.

Each stranger was suspicious of the other. So the logical thing to do would be to fuck with the other person sleeping in the room with them.

Cartwright attempted to see what the strange assassin had in his inventory. He tries to delve into the sleeping man’s pockets (rolls 10) and Francis immediately woke, sweeping his dagger across the chest of the Wilden. Cartwright quickly pacifies him with logic, and the two decide to go downstairs into the tavern. On their way downstairs, Francis woke up a random person by knocking on his door loudly. When the man came to the door, Francis (in a moment of Assassin trickery) stealthed behind him, pulled down his boxers, and GTFO’d before the guy knew what was going on.

In the other room the Minotaur was the first to react. He runs over to the bed of sleeping Igloo, and attempts to intimidate him by bellowing, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?” (rolls 5). The surprisingly calm (and un-intimidated) Igloo responds, “……I was sleeping….”. This was not a satisfactory answer for the mighty Thumn’drek Gyl, and so a fight ensued. With punches flying left and right (SO MANY LOW ROLLS) Thumn’drek is eventually knocked out. Igloo puts the Minotaur in his bed, and then resumes sleeping himself. Aww.

Francis and Cartwright ask around the tavern about the medallion  from Cartwright’s childhood. Noone is able to answer their questions, so they retire after slogging down a couple of meads.

The next morning, the continental breakfast at the tavern is served. The two pairs are sat at the same table, and Cartwright tells them that he is going to the Arcane University to find out more about his strange amulet. The others agree to join him. Thumn’drek hopes to find something about the Minotaurs, Igloo is just happy to find company, and Francis is interested in what kind of trouble he can get into at the University. They set off to the Arcane University of Mopak.

Upon arrival at the University, they discover that the library is full of magical creatures and traps put there to protect the books. They learn that it is customary to get a party together, and with the University’s approval,  go into the library for information.

The party did not have the University’s approval (a very long bureaucratic process), so they decided to be an escort for a wizard that had already attained approval. Once inside the library they would search for books that held answers about the amulet. They were lucky enough to find two twin wizards and a rich fat wizard that already had approval but no escort.
They agreed to get the books for the wizards, taking half the pay up front, and the rest afterward. One of the twin wizards would stay behind, and wait for the party to return. It was not uncommon for people to die within the walls of the library.

The party, one twin wizard, and one fat wizard entered the library foyer through the massive doors in the Arcane University Lobby. They made their way into the Library quickly after.

Once inside everything was dark and quiet. The place smelled of dust, and the eery magical lights barely illuminated the massive house of books.


Everyone looks around frantically…


Igloo (in a moment of brilliance) looks UP. Two wyverns swoop in and attack the party. Francis takes a slash to the face, Cartwright dodges. The wyverns start to fly up, but not before igloo heals Francis, and Thumn’drek crushes one with his massive maul. As the wizards are cowering, Cartright boosts Francis into the air throwing him towards the wyvern.

By the grace of a 20 Acrobatics check, Francis lands on the back of the wyvern, and wraps his garrote around its neck. They begin plummeting towards the ground as Francis squeezes tighter. The faster they descend, the tighter he pulls. The force of the wyvern crashing into the ground added with the ever-tightening grip of Francis made the wyverns head separate from its body upon impact with the ground.

Everyone settles down, as they find the first book for the fat, rich wizard. They go in search of the twin wizards’ book. Suddenly Thumn’drek’s neck has a tentacle around it and he’s being dragged toward the ceiling. With Igloo’s adept perception they quickly detect where the creepy choking beast is hiding. Cartwright makes quick work of it with two EXTREMELY WELL PLACED (nat 20) djada shots. Both the beast and Thumn’drek come tumbling towards the ground. After some healing, the party continues to find the remaining book (as well as any information about the amulet).

They were nearly to the appropriate shelf with the twin wizards book, when they spotted a floating skull engulfed in green flames. The party decides on the stealthy approach, and sends Francis over to the shelf to get the book. Cartwright tells him to keep an eye out for books with symbols similar to then ones on his amulet.

Francis climbs the bookshelf and leaps from shelf top to shelf top, scanning for the twin wizards book as well as a book for Cartwright. He grabs the twin wizards book without much difficulty. Then he finds a book with runes similar to Cartwright’s amulet emblazoned on the spine of a book. He takes the book off the shelf, but immediately does not trust it. SO HE STABS THE BOOK WITH HIS DAGGER. The book begins to SCREAM in the most shrill ear-splitting way possible.

The skull takes notice and begins shooting green flames at Francis. The rest of the party rushes out, and is confronted by even more flaming skulls. Francis tries to climb back up the bookshelf, failing three times (3 nat ones). The whole party is getting torn apart by the skulls. The twin wizard is engulfed in magical flames, and is incinerated on the spot.
Feeling the danger coming to them, Cartwright slashes the fat wizards legs and books it toward the exit. The fat wizard started casting a spell that would have killed Cartwright, but Igloo (seeing no other choice) finishes off the twin wizard, grabs Thumn’drek, and runs.

Francis sees his companions getting the hell out of there, and begins to run after them as he hears the sounds of thunder. He looks up and sees a huge magical storm of thunder and lightning barreling towards him. He runs as fast as his legs will carry him.

The party continues to run, taking shots of fire and lightning as they hope to make it to the exit. Barely standing on their last hitpoints, they make it to the exit and rush out into the foyer, then the lobby.

The party pours out and collapses on the ground in front of another party of adventurers, brokering a deal to be an escort. Upon seeing our “heroes” battered and bruised, the other party instantly asks for a raise.

A seedy looking gentlemen from the other party slinks up to Cartwright asking him what all is inside the Library. Cartwright convinces him it’s far too dangerous, and to join the party. The rogue agrees.

The party then goes to the University pool to wash off and recoup. Everyone calmly washes off, save Francis. He furiously wanks it in front of a terrified swimmer. The party quickly leaves the pool area after that.

Upon their return to the lobby, they encounter the other twin wizard. He asks where his brother is, and the party does not respond, the guilty expressions on their faces explaining it all. With extreme insight (nat 20) the twin wizard deduces the party slayed his brother and the other wizard. Everyone tries to deny it, but the wizard yells for the guards! The party runs from the university, with the University Patrol hot on their tails.

A chase scene ensues. Here’s what happened in bullet points:

– Thumn’drek intimidates teenagers

-Francis kills in old man

-Cartwright, Francis, their rogue friend, and Thumn’drek steal as much as they can running through the market, causing even more people to chase after them

-Igloo jumps on Thumn’dreks back as he is climbing a building. He proceeds to ride him across the rooftops being chased by all manner of people

-Igloo jumps off Thumn’drek when they reach the outer wall. He sweeps the guards legs and crushes his neck when he hits the ground. Cartwright slashes the other guards arms and kicks him down as they run through the gates towards the dock.

Upon arriving at the dock, Igloo tells them his little boat can only house 4 people. The party quickly slays their rogue “friend” and smear his entrails all over the dock. As they are riding off to the seas, the University Patrol sent out two powerful bolts of lightning towards them. One hits Francis in the head (nat 20) causing amnesia. Another hits Igloo (also nat 20) and blows off two of his fingers.

Barely getting away with their lives the party sets out to sea, toward the nearest piece of land. Within half an hour, they see another ship sailing towards them, with skulls and crossbones flying across the flag…..