Narrators Notes

Bar in Merchport

Junkweil attack

Fled with mages on boat to winter haven

Sought refuge with Tamaran (got phat lootz)

Not safe for long! Junkweil attacks tamsend

They barely defend the shores (with Radagast)

They plan for a direct attack on Junkweil

They teleport/disguise themselves as tradesmen

Get in (*Where? Halos Castle maybe) – Smoke bomb

Get Into FIght with Council + Emporer

Kill all but Po and one scrawny guy (HE). Lots of Guards come

Flee down a trap door.

Hallway starts spurting black mist, and a door appears. They enter the door.


Chaos hyperbolic time chamber

They encounter chaos: Cue White mist/White Noise


“ Hello mortals

I came with needs help

We are chaos

Encountered council are but parts


Of great non-living strength

HE will rise foes,

And friends,

Fallen once.

HE has Fate:

The Great Necrotic Man

And holds them captive

He will control Fate to rule

His plane

But we are here to help

Lend aid to

Chance travelers

You must oppose the great HE

He who has my Fate

I give a gift

To help seek



Take it after the


And follow the way”

Mist Turns Blue

Encounter high level creatures one after the other

Defeat them

Go through Fate/Chaos Dungeon

Get cool items and basilisk (*Annie the basilisk. Tucker got Belt of MM. Dylan got tatoo-ropes)

Then a wooden swirl with a doorknob appears on the ground (Fate stone)

Door with a Swirl on it directly ahead


They emerge outside the door in the forest of Sandown

Fate stone has become leaf on a particular tree

Encounter undead Junkweil soldiers

See the clothes and armor is old

Follow tracks to forests edge

See that the forest line is chopped and burned

Junkweil have set up ports and ships and lots of undead everywhere

Go back to forest to seek the tree

Find the particular tree (it’s huge)

It’s an entrance to an to an eleven tree city

Elves are suspicious of them at first

Taken to wise elders

Party explains they destroyed the Junkweil Council and Emporer

Elders explain that was 13 years ago.

King Loril tells them how Po seized power after the council was destroyed and continued the war

The main elder explains the situation is far more dire than that.

During the war, a great necromancer discovered the raw form of Fate and Chaos – a harmonious item that kept balance between the two. This necromancer was Po’s advisor, and also on the council.

He split Fate and Chaos in an attempt to use them to grow in power. He controlled the power of Fate through struggle, but Chaos couldn’t be captured. He used the power of fate to lead him to discover the ability to make living things into a phylactery.

After 7 years of Junkweil invasion and war, the Necromancer struck.

He dethroned Po, (DM**turned him into a phylactery) imprisoned him.

With the huge boost in power from lichdom and the power of Fate, HE raised gigantic armies of undead and took down Junkweil, Tamsend, and everywhere there after.

HE continues to grow in power each day using Fate.

There are only tiny havens of hidden life, like the elven city – Except in Junkweil.

All humans in the Junkwiel nation are his slaves, and the undead roam the wastelands.

Party decides to destroy HE

Elves have knowledge of an underground tunnel that goes from Sandown to east of Mopak

Elves say East of Mopak is deadlands filled with undead

The party decides to merch around town before descending – Meet Eldritch

Notice fate stone is now a black orb

They go to the tunnel


Ambushed by banshrea (bug people)

Surprised by spydren and kill ‘em

Taken to bug city (*bugs communicate telepathically)

Assigned to kill large demon spider

Bugs guide the way

Through fight and fire they killed the spiders and took down the demon-spider (*this might have been the battle when I used the hourglass)

Took it back to bug city

Got Telepathy

Got a *bug wife for connor (named Sheelia, has blowgun)

Got Thoril and Marvin two bug fighters. Name them Minoineé and Insubordineé

Tucker made a deal with leader for his army

Leader gave tucker a communication stone

Go to market – Marvin stole stuff

Then go to blowgun school

Tucker found a priest ring

Talked to Lisar – got spider boots and +2 AC Doublet

Notice commotion at Fate/Chaos temple in Bug City

Black orb transforms into a flat disk(Aleheart Companions door is a disk) – (this is supposed to be a crazy scene).

Thoril learns new healing skills from bug healer (gets +1d4 to heals)

Marvin has Lysar make a bandolier

Party convinces lisar to join them. Lisar is a coward.

Marvin competes in local arena, cheats, and wins

Checked out the local pool

Went back to bug palace


Thoril and Marvin want to leave, but Callahan wants to spend time with new bride.

Thoril and Marvin leave the city to investigate the underground tunnel southward. They entered into the bottom of a volcano and smashed up some demons. After climbing to the top of the volcano, the party (Marvin, Thoril, Minoineé,Insubordineé and Lisar – who doesn’t fight) see that they are in the middle of the ocean. They go back down to the underground. They continued down the main 20ft dirt tunnel. Here they find a huge disk, that look much like the Fate stone. They see it is the entrance to the lair of the Aleheart Companions.


After failing to unlock the door, Marvin sprung a fire trap and burned his new doublet. Lisar quickly patched it up, and they breached the door. Inside they explored the east and west passageways first. Down these hallways they encountered stone dwarf heads who asked riddles. After cleverly solving the riddles the party got the loot inside the doorways hidden behind the stone dwarves. In one They retrieved a sturdy set of armor of dwarven vigor. In the other they found an Amnesiac Avenger of the Raven Queen named Aödin. Aödin quickly joined the party, and they continued to a room filled with grimlocks, geysers, moving braziers, and ember moss. After quickly brute-forcing the enemies into demise, the party evacuated the room right before a big explosion. They rested and continued on.


Ahead laid a hallway trapped with flame jets around every corner. Marvin tried to disable the traps, but broke the control panel (nat 1). Thoril used himself and his shield as a flame blocker, allowing the party to pass through the flames.


Marvin decided he had to figure out these jets, and succeed in not only disabling it, but also collecting it’s parts (nat 20). He planned to use it later.


The party busted into the next room (beyond the hallway) and found it covered in flame traps on either side of the room. They also saw two sarcophagi surrounded by arcane circles. Patrolling the room was a group of grimlocks and a squad of grells. The party engaged them, but quickly began to lose hope.


Suddenly Callahan appeared with Annie and Sheelia in tow. THrough a hard fought battle with much acrobatics, heaven sent consecrated circles, and chaos magic the party emerged victorious. The party rested directly after.


During their rest, a mind flayer ambushed them. They struggled to find it, as it moved constantly around; disappearing and reappearing. After trying to battle the mind flayer for a short while, one party member (details are sketchy…) Stepped into the arcane circle surrounding the northern sarcophagus. A huge fiery rage devil appeared and started bashing everything in sight with its gigantic maul.


Marvin diplomatically reached the mind flayer through telepathy, and somehow convinced the beast to help them combat the devil. The devil now stood no chance, and was felled quickly. The flayer devoured it’s brain, and left abruptly. The party rested again. During this rest, Callahan sent Sheelia home. He had found out that she was pregnant. Bug people start to show quickly. Minoineé and Insubordineé escort her back through the dungeon to the bug city.


After their rest the party explored the room, disabled the remaining arcane circle, and unlocked the sarcophagi. Inside they found the prized possessions of the Aleheart Companions: A Rousing Hammer, a Hammer Shield, and a strange golden belt. Callahan wears belt – red energy from belt almost destroys him. Callahan can somewhat control the red energy, and shows off it’s devastating power. He contains some of the energy into the vials on Marvin’s bandolier. The party rests, and rises.


Marvin snuck away to seek out the mind flayer. He found the flayer working with one of his bottles of red energy. Apparently the unnatural beast had stolen it at some point. The Mind Flayer sensed Marvin, and froze him in place. The flayer took the remaining bottles of red energy, and then released his hold on Marvin. The flayer told Marvin to leave, but Marvin wanted those bottles back. Marvin attacked and missed, then FLED AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.


The flayer chased Marvin into the sarcophagi chamber, right as the other party members located an illusory wall. The party whole again, they flew down the large staircase behind the wall. Down the stairs they found an exit to the Alehearts companion’s lair, and lef the dungeon behind. They traveled farther underground and found a huge lake in a tremendous cavern; inside the lake – a hydra.


With his tattoo ropes, Marvin ferried the party across the lake, one by one. They continued through the tunnel on the opposite side of the lake, and noticed the ground begin to shift uphill. They were heading upwards now. Along the way they encountered some kindly lizardfolk, who showed them a portal to take them above ground.


The party went through the portal, and found themselves west of Mopak, in the remains of the Junkweil empire. The started to head towards Mopak when they were assaulted by an Adult Black Dragon. Thoril grappling hooked the beast as it swooped down. Callahn used his mirror to blind the dragon, and in that moment Thoril cleaved it’s wings into shreds, rendering it flightless. Thoril steered the beast into the ground, making it prone. Blinded, prone, and flightless, the dragon looked up as Annie dazed it with her gaze. Now blinded, prone, dazed, and flightless the dragon trembled with fear.


Marvin spoke to it in draconic, demanding the location of it’s lair. After revealing it’s lair, Thoril delivered the coup de gras, and sliced it’s head off. The three mounted it on a staff, as a sign. A sign of what, I’m still unsure.


The party traveled to it’s swampy lair nearby and basked in glorious loot (got a bag of holding). After optimizing themsleves, the party went outside the lair into the swamp and encountered some chuuls. The chuuls were deftly handled. Callahan noticed that the Fate stone had now become a map, with an X on Mopak. The party set their sights on the city and trudged in that direction.


The party fought through several hordes of undead to get to Mopak, and when they got there they were surprised to find a ragtag army of humans. They discovered that this army had been assembled by Po, who had escaped and remained in hiding for 6 years. They met with Po, and had a reunion of sorts. Po recognized them from that day 13 years ago, and remarks how they haven’t aged a day. He tells them some things:

  • Every year the great HE holds a “Festival” of great sacrifice to celebrate his ascending to power
  • Each year his power increases
  • Po knows he is trying to turn the power of fate into a phylactery
  • This year’s “Festival” will be the “Grand Festival” the 6th year of his reign
  • This festival will most likely end with his success in binding fate as a phylactery, granting him immortality
  • “Some say HE is Vecna himself, reborn as a mortal”
  • Po has been building forces in Mopak all this time, and will strike the night of the festival, for better or worse.
  • Po tells them of the castle’s defenses


After hearing all this the party and Po formed a plan to invade the castle. The Party would disable the Necrotic Defender, while Po’s human army attacked from the south. Thoril used the Bug Kings communication stone, and relayed the plan to the bug people. He told them to get here as fast as possible, and if they could make it, to attack  the south wall of the castle. Once the Necrotic defender and the other defenses on the first wall are taken down, Po’s Men and the Bug People (if they arrive) will storm the yard, and cut a path through to the castle. The party must ascend the castle and stop HIM before the phylactery is created.


The Fate stone had now turned into the shape of a waxing crescent moon. They looked at the sky and saw that it was pitch black. The festival was in 3 days.


The party prepped for the following days, and as the waxing crescent reflected in the sky, the plan was initiated.


The party attacked the wall scaling and dodging their way to the necrotic defender.


TLDR Battle

Grapping Hooks

Tatoo Ropes

Concecrated circle eliminating skeletons

Bag of holding so skeletons wont regen

Hiding behind turrets to dodge necrotic defender

Knoacked a lot of zombies in the incinerator

Callahan critting the skull lord

Skull lord constantly throwing people off the wall

Arcane turrets – Marvin disabled one and took control of another

Marvin almost got et by zombies

Skull Lord tries to resurrect skeletons, concecrated circle kills

Thoril used command and threw the skull lord into the fire

Annie squeezed a zombies head off

Callahans mirror broke

Zombie chain reaction explosion

Lisar Valiantly risking his life to save Marvin

First wall is breached

The yard is stormed

HUmans are losing

Bug people arrive

Is still a hard fought battle to the castle


Many die when storming the yard:

  • Minoineé and Insubordineé fall
  • The bug king dies
  • Aodin Dies
  • Lots of dead bug soldiers and men
  • Po dies


The party is bruised and battered but makes their way into the castle. THey fight through the skeletons and zombies on the first level and head up the stairs. On the second level they encounter two Lich Vestiges, and destroy them. THey also discover that the treasury is here. Marvin begins to pick the locks, but THoril and Callahn say that there’s no time. Marvin says something like, “I’m right behind you…” proceeds to pick locks and disable traps while battle starts.


Thoril and Marvin confront HE. Describe an epic battle with the following:

  • All the dangers of the map of the third level
  • HE says that he brought them here using Fate and will create the ultimate phylactery by sealing fate and chaos into one phylactery that continually splits them using their own power to contain them.
  • HE also says the party can’t kill him while Po lives. He made Po into a phylactery years ago.
  • Party retorts that Po is dead – HE is stunned for a moment, but continues more invigorated
  • Marvin appears after looting the vault (**maybe flashes between fighting and unlocking?)
  • HE says that sealing fate and chaos will bring him unimaginable power. HE already gained immense power by making a living thing into a phytlactery and HE can’t even imagine what this new one will bring
  • HE begins to lose and makes Fate into a phylactery for a second boost
  • Belt glows
  • Stronger battle, but they manage to break the phylactery, and KIll HE while he is weakened


Fate appears and dubs them the the new chaos. Fate and chaos (from the stone) merge with the three of them. All skeletons and zombies fall, and the rebuilding begins.


Rename the city Halos

Sent out messengers to wisest men in the lands

Also send out messenger to see if there are any hippogriff trainers

Sent a messenger to Eldritch to set up shop in Halos. Things they want Eldritch to build:

  • Dragonscale gauntlets
  • A dragonhat
  • Schematics for a dragon automaton with a saddle
  • A on man flying suit made of manticore wings
  • Heavy Shield (for Thoril)

A painting is made of the great bug exodus – Flamencio’s first painting

Set up a new Council

People start rebuilding cities

Set up a central banking system with the 500,000 gold from vault

Modest tax rates

Put a booksmart gentleman by the name of trumper in charge economics and architecture

Tamaran of the Arcane college is still alive

Tamaran sets up a central college and city-wide defenses

Lisar Builds a tram system

Place a priest of Bahamut to Rule the City – a man named Jarvan

Callahan gets a Red Temptress to tempt Jarvan

Place a politician in charge to help with ruling – a Charismatic guy named Jaime. They make him wear a tiara. A figurehead maybe?


Tamaran makes hearings for the Kings of the lands:

  • Nikolai and Brithel of Newport
  • Loril, Elven King from Sandown
  • Tamaran Reinstates the Arcane University at Tamsend

Tamaran also memorizes and studies the glyphs on the belt

Ceaser is born. Sheelia and Ceasar stay with Lisar while Callahan is away.


An Explorer from Onkro named Fred arrives

Tells them about giant beasts and boars and such

They decide they want to set up shop in Onkro for resources

Go to Onkro and see heard of great boars

Initiate the Great Boar Roundup and establish a city on the spot called Moarboar

Go back to Junkweil

Build the city of Konro (1st city in a proposed triangle trade with Moarboar)

Start a new tariff before to increase settlement


  • Proceeds go to infrastructure developement in Onkro
  • Low interests loans for individuals building their first homes in Onkro
  • Social programs will be expanded based on lumber income
  • Subsidized lumber used for ships


Jarvan has been tempted and now worships Sehanine

Thoril trains a medical squad for their new empire

Party decides they want universal health care

Jaime now holds power in the city an opposes them

They convince Jaime he has “the bumps” in  a council meeting

Jaime’s vote for universal health care changes

The first semester of Tamaran’s college has started

Trumper gets laid

Go back to Moarboar

Visit tavern

Marvin gets in a bar fight, gets punched, then fucks with the guys mind

Hear news that Jarvan is looking for callahan and now worships Torog

See smoking mountain in distance, decide to investigate

Find entrance to ancient dwarven civilization

Enter it, encountered osteopedes

Portal back to Halos

Enjoy life for a little bit, Callahan plays with his kid, Thoril preaches and teaches, Marvin debauches

Get news of demon attacks in Moarboar

Go to Moarboar, slay demons

They decide to go back and investigate the dwarven ruins

Find a priests of orcus and demons

Preists summon a portal to the Abyss

The priest is pushed in the portal

The other one is too

Party slays demons

Doresian, High Demon priest of Orcus comes Out

Starts wailing on the party ranting about the belt

They retreat and find a perfect safe haven – they rest up

Leave through a different exit.

Run into 2 mimics

Mimics have mind control (dominate)

Hard battle – slay one and then convince the other to join them

Mimic’s name is Marie

Went back to doresian with Marie disguised as the belt

Tell Doresian they will help him

Doresian opens a portal to “Sigil” (The abyss)

The party strikes

Lots of card fuckery

Hard fought battle – they slay doresian

It costs callahan and marvin their lives, but they are brought back by thoril (more card fuckery)

Marie runs away while they sleep


They get a call from these people when they wake up:

  • Jaime says Halos is being attacked by demons
  • Tamaran says the elves may have a book about the belt called ”***SOMETHING***”
  • Fred says that demons are attacking Moarboar


Go to Moarboar, see people on boars fleeing from Hellknights riding Nightmares. Marvin and Callahan stalled the Hell Knights while Thoril led the people to their safehaven. Marvin and callahan returned and they quickly set up the defenses for their new city: Moarmoarboar.

The party raced to Old Moarboar and saved the rest of the townsfolk and sent them to Moarmoarboar. Then the three portaled back to Halos. They recieve a call from Loril (King of the elves). He tells them the elves are being attacked by Mind Flayers.


Just then Jarvan and Succubus arrive. He hates Callahan for for driving him into temptation. He challenges him to a duel, and talks about how he has mastered the religion of Taimat. The party talks him into helping them fight demons, with the promise of a duel later. The party and Jarvan rid the city of demons. When Jarvan is distracted, they jump into the portal to Sandown to help the elves.


They got in a bit over their head. The whole city was full of mind flayers, tearing the place apart. They decide to recover the book and am-scray. They succesfully find the book in the elven kingdoms treasury. They take all their gold too (they reasoned that they’d all be mindless soon anyway). They portal back to Halos.


When they arrive they see a gargantuan demon (Molydeus) charging Halos. The demon keeps ranting about the belt. Callahan puts a massive amount of energy from the belt (and himself )into the Arcane Defender, and is able to hold the demon at bay. The demon continues to pound on the barrier, slowly cracking it. Annie finally petrifies her first thing, and it just so happened to be the huge demon. That statue still stands there to this day.


They notice the shadowfell begin merging with the mortal world.


They see a teenage shadarkai who says they, “Have a belt just like brother’s… I’ll find you!” then disappears.


Jarvan finds and confronts them. They fuck with his mind and convince him to worship Avandra the goddess of change. The succubus runs.


They receive word that the mind-flayers are opening a portal to the feywild. They portal to the elven city, scope it out stealthily, and challenge some flayers and their thoons. They win, and a thoon hulk joins their party. THey flee back to Halos, and start preparing for an invasion..


Tamaran arrives in Halos and tells them about the belt and its history with the Aleheart companions and Orcus. Refer to the “Taco’d” Notes for this. Tamaran also shows Callahan how to use the power.


More shadowfell occurrences while prepping for elves, and first feywild merge. Shits getting serious.


THoril gets warplate


Wento to invade the elven city


Encountered Marvis teh mindflayer monk and his elven thrall.

Very acrobatic battle between him and marvin.

They kill Marvis and take his Tattoos.

Eladin the Asassin is freed once the flayers control dissapates

He offers to show them to the castle, where the elder brain is

On the way they meet another mind flayer controll a band of children

Jarvan appears and helps save kids

He has now studied all the gods and has reverted back to bahamut

After killing the mind flayer, Jarvan gives Thoril the righteous fury of bahamut feat

Jarvan takes the kids, and the party continues to the castle


Demons and fey creatures and shadow giants, and mind flayers battle in the courtyard

Party beats them all and runs into the castle


Mind flayers are everywhere.

[MAYBE CUT THIS PART] The party challenges the elder brain to a tic-tac-toe match and marvin wins by cheating.[]

FLayers attack

As the fight ensues Feywild and Shadowfell creatures begin to appear. (Cyclops and Undead dragon)

ORcus comes crashing through the ceiling, and crushes the elder brain.

Fighting ensues. Party is getting beaten pretty badly.

Marvin steal the wand of Orcus.

A Mindflayer opens a portal to the Feywild (now astral sea)

Party runs toward it.

RIght before they enter the Raven Queen and Aodin appear

Brief reunion with Aodin

RQ tells them that there are 3 belts, and the other 2 have been destroyed. She explains about the CHained one, ORcus, and how they plan to destroy the belt by taking it off this plane into the Astral Sea.

RQ weakens Orcus with her aura. Long fight ensues. Aodin is destroyed. Eladin is killed. The raven queen is knocked unconscious. Marvin takes her scythe and uses it as the final blow to elimnate Orcus.


RQ wakes up as more feywild and shadowfell creatures begin to appear.


Ravenqueen says that two of them must be sacrificed to restore the Feywild and the Shadowfell. It involves their binding with fate and chaos as well, and the belts, and other mysterious things.


Marvin becomes the Feywild. Callahan becomes the Shadowfell. Thoril rules the fucking world.