The Story Thus Far

Journal Entry 1

Our story begins with a merchant named Quince. A wealthy half-elf merchant, with a debonair style always accompanied by his troupe of bodyguards. Quince fondly refers to them as: 1, 2, 3, and 4 – respectively. Also in his company is his trusted accountant, Glibatran. Together they run a lucrative merchant company.

Quince received word of a hugely lucrative deal from a ‘Mr. Roape’, and set sail to the military city of Aurelia. Once in Aurelia, he wants to acquire more muscle for the deal. There will be a ship-full of gold trading hands in this exchange, but it should pay off.

Quince goes to the temple of Tyr, and hires an arbiter named Urick Stronghammer.

At the same time, in a the palace of Aurelia, a decorated general is recieveing his fifth and final star. This a high honor among generals, and usually indicative of a future commander. This honor is given to Sir Vincent Zuko, the victor of 15 battles in the ongoing war against the wilds of the grasslands.

After the ceremony, Lord Commander Tonrakk Tarlokk gives Vincent an assignment. Track down a man named ‘Mr. Roape’ and obtain the elven artifact he is holding.

Vincent looks into the Temple of Tyr to see who has been hiring bodyguards lately. He finds Quince and confronts him about his arrival in the city. Quince bluffs about not knowing anything about ‘high volume traffic’ in the city. Vincent believes him, and departs to seek more info.

Quince and Urick then head to the appointed meeting place with Mr Roape. The two are taken to a heavily guarded warehouse and shown the elven artifact: a bell of supreme make, inlaid with etching and runes.

After much discussion, Quince and Mr Roape strike a deal, but Mr Roape double crosses them all with an ambush of archers.

Mr Roape leaves them to their demise and tells his gaurds to kill Quince, Urick, Gilbatran, and Quinces posse (1, 2, 3, and 4 – respectively).

In the ensuing fight a stray arrow strikes the bell, and the earth begins to shake. The building rattles and everyone begins to flee. Quince tells Urick to secure the bell – Mr. Roape had made off with the deed for the money.

Urick teleports between the gaurds, executing them in the style of an Arbiter: bloody and quickly.

Meanwhile, Sir Vincent has heard the sound and runs to the warehouse. He bursts in, shoving past the other fleeing henchmen.

With Vincent’s help, the posse manage to pick up the bell, but not before accidentally causing it to ring again. The building begins to fall as they move towards Mr Roape’s escape route. The door is locked, but in a fit of brilliant and timely theivery, Quince opens the door.

Outside they see that water is rushing into the city. The bells have destroyed the dams that keep the water at bay. The party rushes to the castle with the bell.

On their way to the castle they hear a horrifying sound: The Battle Cry of the Black Brigade. At the castle, all the military forces are frantically trying to make sure the city doesn’t drown, and fend off the black brigade simultaneously.

The party secures the bell in Sir Vincents quarters, and leave it under the wary eyes of Gilbatran, and the numbered posse. They rush off to help defend the city from the rushing waters, and the oncoming tide of the Black Brigade.

World History