1. Can be played with two+ players. One 6 sided die for each player. Start with as many points as decided. 10 points is average.

2. Everyone rolls their dice at the same time. The highest number rolled is thewinner.

  • If winning number is EVEN then the losers of that round LOSE TWO points.
  • If the winning number is ODD then the winner of that round GAINS ONE point, and losers LOSE ONE point.

4. If everyone except one player rolls a 1, and remaining player rolls ‘X’, then players that rolled 1 take ‘X’ damage.

5. If you are reduced to 0 points, you get to roll a saving throw.

:Saving Throws:

  • 1 = Second chance
  • 2 = DIE
  • 3 = Deal one roll, gain damage dealt
  • 4 = Deal one roll
  • 5 = Gain one roll
  • 6 = Deal two rolls

6. If a player falls below 0 points, they lose the game. There can only be one winner.

7. If the winning roll is a tie, the players who won can optionally Double the Stakes. When two (or more) players Double the Stakes, they roll against EACH OTHER ONLY. Any result of the roll only effects the players Doubling the Score, but all point values GAINED OR LOST are doubled. If they tie again, they can Triple the Stakes, and again they can Quadruple the Stakes, and so on.