Historuous Minotaurus: Origins of Gaiadon

In my travels I have never seen something so strange as the land of Gaidon.

Giaidon lies far beyond range of any normal expedition. My crew and I only came here by chance and misfortune. A storm took us at sea and sent us eastward bound. We had no food or water left after the storm, so we pressed forward hoping to find something, anything.

We found Gaiadon.

It’s only inhabitants are a large race of cow-like creatures, with human intelligence. They call themselves: The Minotuar. During my stay in this place, I spoke with these peaceful creatures. Surprisingly they know the Common Tongue. They live simple lives, eating and drinking and hunting.

I learned as much as I could about this land. The islands here have different cultures and varieties of Minotuar. I have detailed maps to the land as well as notes on each island within.

The forest in the western portion of Gaiadon spans three of the islands. Collectively, the Minotaur call the forest ‘Grakas’. The Minotaur live in harmony with nature, and hardly cut any trees. They do use wood, but it seems to only be from fallen foliage, and driftwood on the shore.

The largest island on Gaiadon is known as Asterion. It is connected to the neighboring isle, known as Loodra, by a land bridge. Asterion and Loodra are each ruled by different leaders, and the land bridge appears to be a hotly contested territory between the two.

Asterion is mostly hills and plains. The western part of the island holds a large portion of the Grakas (forest). The lakes on this island are curious. Each lake is held by a tribe, and to swim, fish, or drink, you must first bring an offering to the elder of the lake tribe.

The only exception to this is the south-easternmost lake (and largest lake) known as the Living Lake. The Minotaur go nowhere near this lake, and kept me from ever going near it.

Asterion is ruled by two different tribes of Minotaur: The Grakas Minotaur and the Wandering Minotaur. The Grakas Minotaur live within their forest, and the Wandering Minotaur travel the hills and plains as nomads. The wandering Minotaur do have one location worship, the Wanderers Wedge.

The wedge is at the southeastern most point of Gaiadon, and is actually walled off from the rest of Asterion. I had to receive special permission just to enter this area. I was only allowed to go to one place here: The Statue of the Wanderer. At the heart of the wedge, lies a gigantic statue of a Minotaur holding a huge maul. The maul is a different color from the statue, and almost seems to faintly shine. The Minotaur guide accompanying us to the wedge said that The Wanderer brought the Minotaurs to Gaiadon, saving them from eternal slavery. I pressed the kindly guide for more information about where the Minotaurs originated, but he would not go into detail. Maybe one day the answer will be clear.

Loodra, the southern isle, is covered in a heavy mass of hills. Huge herds of pronghorns graze and run about in the hills. The Minotaur tribes here are more settled than on Asterion. They have settled villages, and keep the pronghorns in large corrals to later eat.

The Northern island is known as Duula is neutral ground to the tribes of Minotuar. I once witnessed a great council being held here, between the Leaders of the tribes from Asterion and Loodra. They established boundaries and made ‘trades of faith’ to finalize the meeting. The ‘trades of faith’ were interesting… The leaders went before a crowd, and exchanged weapons and horn ornaments. The entire crowd watched in silence, and erupted with approval when the trade was done.

Terios, the small island to the west, is covered in forest – which the Minotaur call Krow’jak. Only the inhabitants of Terios call this forest Krow’jak, all others refer to it as Grakas. The trees  on Terios are quite similar to the trees of Onkro, in that they have huge broad leaves. Terios is the only place in Gaiadon that seems to have broad-leafed trees, making me think that this foliage is not native to these lands.

Between Terios and Loodra lies a dormant volcano, known as Gobin’s Volcano. The Minotaur say there is a sleeping giant, named Gobin, lurking in the depths of the volcano. The story says that Gobin was a cruel giant who was cursed by the gods to forever purge the mountain of evil. They say the cursed giant bathes the mountain in the ocean every night to cleanse the mountain of evil, and himself of his past cruelty.

I have spent considerable time in Gaiadon and have finally decided to publish my findings in the only way a stranded sailor can: I will put this message in a bottle, and hope it is found. I hope that one day this place can be a regular destination to the people of the known world, but as it is, it lies far beyond the capability of modern ships reach.

I hope someone will find this message, and remember my name as the explorer who found this wondrous place.

*Printers note: it is both sad and ironic that the name was torn from the page when we received it. We do not know if this place or story is real. The pages after this were also given to us as part of the story. The maps and notes below are presented in their original form.