Gotheed’s Journal


My name is Gotheed Druna, first of my name. I have been seeking the history of my people, to learn why us Dwarves continually build grand empires, only to have them fall in disastrous ways. My father told me on his death bed to seek the Dwarfus Historus, a story from the time of Dwarven Creation. I intend to do so.


I have found the location of the Dwarfus Historus. A Grand Lich intends to use the knowledge within for something ill… I am gathering a party of stout dwarves to kill the Lich and get back the book. May the gods shine on us with favor.


Half of the party is dead, but the Lich has been slain. In my hands I have the Dwarfus Historus… I have yet to read it. I am slightly fearful of what I might learn.


The knowledge this book contains must NOT be shared. The history of the Dwarven people is tragic… Those damn Minotaurs. If they’d only known their place. I shall build dungeon to keep the Dwarfus Historus safe.


My Dungeon is complete… I shall name it after myself. It is quite clever. I have decorated the walls with the history of my people and of those treacherous Minotaurs. Any unwelcome adventurers can see the story of my people as they die.


I have set out to seek the compass mentioned in the Dwarfus Historus. If I find it, it should lead me to the remaining pieces, until the compass is complete.

Then I will find the great tool of creation, and restore the Dwarven race to its former glory.


I found a piece of the compass, and so has my son. We shall stay in the safety of the dungeon and rest.


Felspad Dorne, one of my mages, made a terrible mistake today…

He summoned a great beast of fire to guard the treasury, but could not control it. All of my men died trying to contain the beast, save Gonnan, Felspad, and Myself.

When the beast turned toward my son I lost control and attacked it. I yelled to Felspad to take Gonnan and run. He did, and I manged to contain the beast in my fathers burial urn.

I have taken severe damage… I’m afraid these may be my last words.

Gonnan, my precious son, if you ever read this… please seek the compass pieces. You have the needle, I have the base. Keep the Dwafus Historus safe… and know that I….

The journal ends.