Dwarfus Historus

After the creation of the planes, the gods created the Dwarves in order to represent themselves on the mortal world. This was before humans, and elves, and the like were even a thought.

The Dwarves built a successful mountain empire under the rule of Gahlmund Druna, first of his name. The vast empire grew at such a rapid pace that he could not keep the citizens fed.

The Great Gahlmud turned to his gods for help. They bestowed upon him the Instrument of Creation, The Essence of Mortals, and the Compass of Desire.

The Essence of Mortals was used to detect danger to the Mortal World. The dwarves fashioned it into a belt, with a shining ruby. With the belt, Gahlmund could summon the energy created by their their plane of existence and use it whenever the danger was detected.

The Instrument of Creation was a massive tool, that could be used to shape living things. The gods demanded that the dwarves never use their gifts to create other beings of intelligence. That is the realm of the gods, and should be left to them.

Instead the dwarves built dumb and capable species to fit the needs of their empire. They created the elves and humans to do their menial labor. They created halflings to play with their children. They created the Minotaur and countless other species to plow fields, build homes, and take care of any taxing labor.

All of their creations required direct supervision. The beings were dumb, and needed strict control to function.

The Compass of Desire would lead Gahlmund to everything he wanted. He found the perfect domain for his empire, the right materials for building, and everything else he ever needed.

The Dwarven empire flourished for a long time, and when Gahlmund passed away, the empire was handed to his son. This continued for several generations, and the gods ceased talking to the Dwarven kings.

The Dwarves grew slothful as time passed. They were tired of constantly having to keep watch on their creations, especially the Minotaur. The minotaur was a perfect worker – strong, fast and able. The Minotaur always completed their tasks, even to the detriment of the dwarves.

When a Minotaur who had been ordered to protect the king killed a commoner, the dwarven king decided it was time for a single Minotaur to gain sentience – the ability to feel. This would stop any unnecessary deaths, and help expand the empire. He reasoned if the workers had a leader that could feel and think, they could get more done with less dwarven supervision.

Not knowing of the warning the gods had given to Gahlmund Druna, the first dwarven king, the dwarves bestowed sentience and intelligence to a Minotaur with the Instrument of Creation.

The Minotaur became a marvel. He accomplished more than any other creation of the Dwarves.

Within a short time, the lone Minotaur grew restless. He stole the Instrument of Creation, and began granting sentience to all the dwarven creations.

There was massive chaos as all the newly formed races began to flee the dwarven empire. The lone Minotaur took a host of his newly made brethren, and escaped the city with the instrument of creation.

The chaos of the races fleeing the Dwarven empire was noticed by the gods. They struck down the Dwarven empire, seeing that their command had been disobeyed. The split the Compass of Desire into 5 pieces, and threw the pieces into the chaos.

The gods fury was epic. They destroyed the entire empire, leaving only a small portion of the dwarves alive: the line of the kings. The dwarves went into hiding as all the other races began to spread into the world.