The Summoning of Nikolai and Brithel

Evidence Item #7584 in the case against Ella Don.

Item – Page salvaged from a trapped safe

Crime – Mass Forgery

Item found in suspects house in a trapped safe that killed 5 men.

From humble beginnings come great things…

Or so they say. Nikolai and Brithel did not come from humble beginning. I talked to them one night in the Bar/Gaurdtower of Newport to get their story.

Nikolai was a being of the Elemental Chaos, a Genasi. He never told me what his life was like there – curiosity still pricks at me.

Brithel came from somewhere just as strange and fantastic. He was a Shardmind, a being of the Astral Sea. They say Shardminds are fragments of pure logic given life – but I believe both Brithel and Nikolai deeply defy any sound logic of this world.

The two told me they were summoned from their homes by two elven mages seeking power. They didn’t bother to learn their names, or even what they wanted. Our two founders knocked out their summoners and left, killing their witherling pet on the way out.

They said they “Mosied on over to nearby jungle”, being pursued by a small horde of skeletons the summoners had sent after them. In their frank and foreign terms they said it was, “no big thang”.

They decided to sleep in the trees that night and were ambushed by apes. After a fierce battle, jumping from branch to branch they killed the apes.

Not being from this world, they thought that ape pelts were worth gold, and proceeded to gather the skin of their fallen foes.

The next day the two went back to the Elven city, to get supplies:

Brithel sold his ape pelts to an unsavory dealer after finding out that normal merchants don’t want ape pelts.

Nikolai went to the local bank to get some funds. Nikolai is a swordmage, and has a magical sword that is attached to him. From a fragment of this sword, he can rebuild it through his magical attachment. With this in mind, he decided to pawn 99% of his sword. The clerk offered him a handsome price for his rare sword, unaware of his swordmage powers.

The bastard took the money and left! He knew that the sword would disappear from the grasp of the greedy banker when he decided to rebuild it. Clever… Note to self: get a sword like that.

The next part of their story always seemed very sketchy to me. They said they went to a potion shop and saw the owner – an elf named Sammy – commit suicide right in front of them. The two said he even left a ‘note’. Being skilled in the arts of forgery, I know how easy it is to make a fake suicide note. I decided not to press them on the issue.

After¬†helping themselves to some potions the two left headed, north for the Deadlands. They snuck past “All sorts of dead beasties” and made their way to the ocean’s shore.

From there they built a raft out of driftwood, and set sail northward. They were attacked by sharks, but fried them with their electrical powers. The electrical disturbance in the water caused a beast from below to take notice.

A Kraken confronted them, and they were both about to die. According to Brithel, here’s how they escaped certain death:

“So kraken show up, ya? I speak language of kraken! Deep Speech handy for sticky situation. We talk about many things: Kraken superiority, tiny people-beasts floating on waters, and other such fascinating subjects. Anyhow, friendly kraken bring us to Merchport and so here we are. Amazing right?”

It should be noted that both of them have the strangest form of speech I have ever heard.

At this point they had arrived in the ruins of Merchport, my home. Everyone knows what happened when the Great HE conquered the world, so I won’t go into that. Somehow I survived the rampage in these ruins with some other townsfolk.

This is how the founders of Newport arrived in the once great city of Merchport. It is late, so I will be ending my journal here. In the future I will recount our trials of rebuilding Merchport into Newport.