The Building of Newport

Evidence Item #7585 in the case against Ella Don.

Item – Page salvaged from a trapped safe

Crime – Mass Forgery

Item found in suspects house in a trapped safe that killed 5 men.

This is the story of how Newport was built from the ashes of Merchport.

Nikolai and Brithel had just arrived on the Isle of Merchport aboard their driftwood raft, guided by their self-dubbed “Kraken Friend-Master”.

They travel inward to the city that was also the namesake of the island, Merchport. Here is where I first met the two.

The townsfolk and I had been hiding out in the ruins for several days. Hordes of skeletons roamed the streets… there was no chance of getting out.

But that idiot Jon decided to make a break for it. Skeletons closed in on him and his family as Nikolai and Brithel appeared on the scene. They could not rescue his wife and son, but Jon was saved after the two dismantled the nearby skeletons.

Seeing these two otherworldly creatures defeat the skeletons, more people came out of hiding. This, of course, drew in more skeletons and a battle begun. Several died, but Nikolai and Brithel beat back the tide of bones. We were temporarily safe.

Nikolai scanned the area for arcana, and found something buried in the tatters old mages shop: a stone golem. They activated it, and learned it’s name: Hedgemon.

Hedgemon seemed lost without it’s old master, but Brithel used logic to sway him to join their party. Nikolai and Brithel immediately put the golem to work building a stone wall around the perimeter. Everyone else (including myself) was put to work making shelter in the old tavern in the center of town.

Night came and we were all exhausted – save the golem. It worked tirelessly.

In the dead of night, another horde of skeletons came, this time with a shambling bony monstrosity. The fight lasted until first light, but we emerged victorious with no casualties.

As light came, the two ‘heroes'(?) decided we needed heavier firepower. They began constructing a ballista from the ruins with a pair of twins, Amer and Dron. Both were skilled archers, so they helped in the creation of the firepower. The blacksmith, a huge man named Torpid, ¬†found his forge in disrepair and set about rebuilding it.

The day and night passed without issue.

The next day an even bigger horde of skeletons came, this time with cavalry. We lost 5 men in the battle, but with Nikolai and Brithel leading us, we remained intact.

The two even managed to capture an undead horse. They put it to work plowing a garden for food. They had us build a corral to keep it contained.

Three more days passed, and the wall was almost done. Hedgemon worked furiously, and it’s efforts were paying off. The blacksmith was up and running as well, creating heads for ballista bolts. Things were looking up.

That night we were ambushed in our sleep. Whoever was keeping guard did NOT do a good job. We lost more people, but Nikolai and Brithel kept the majority of us safe.

The following day, Nikolai left the camp mumbling, “No more sneaky sneak attacks”. When he returned, the wall had been finished by Hedgemon, Brithel, and the rest of us. Nikolai had found his prize: a large bell. He mounted it on top of the bar, and rigged trip wire on the top of the walls to make it ring if the walls were breached. The ballista was taken up there for good measure.

Now that the wall was done, Nikolai and Brithel set Hedgemon to a different task. Building them a grand 3 story house with a chimney. The rest of us were put to work building the bar into a watch tower, and creating a storage building.

More skeletons came, but they were no match for our defenses and warriors. Nikolia and Brithel have dubbed this place: Newport.

“It is now Newport, it is ours, and we like it lots” they said.

It has been 5 months since the day of dubbing. All the survivors are now capable fighters. The storage house is finished, and we even put a bakery in it. The garden gives us food, and continues to expand.

Tomorrow we will send out a party to take the fight directly to the undead plauging the isle. Nikolai and Brithel hope to eradicate the enemy from the entire island and expand the city into something they call, “Huge booming trade place.”

We will see how that goes.